Policy statement

Travhydro's policy on health, safety and the environment (HSE) has been designed so as to give the best possible working atmosphere.

This is achieved in part by ensuring the best possible health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, plus respect for the environment in performing their duties.

The policy has been devised to assign high priority to preventing personal injuries, damage to materials and damage to the environment.
The care of temporary staff, third parties and visitors is also involved.

This demands constant vigilance on the part of everybody in the organisation. We actively involve our staff in achieving those objectives.
To this end, we talk to every person in the organisation on the performance of their duties in the field of HSE, and they are expected to keep HSE requirements imposed by law, their employer and their clients firmly in mind whilst performing their duties.

Implementation of, and compliance with our policy is set out in our HSE manual, and has to be monitored. HSE is a subject of regular structured discussions. Through the experience we have acquired and in assessments, we seek to make continuous improvements to our HSE policy.
We set new targets every year; these are set out in our action plan.

Staff are kept informed through this statement on the management's intentions relating to Health, Safety and the Environment. Training, consultations and monitoring in the fields cited are viewed as priorities in running our business.

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