Crab32  Multifunctional scaffolding

To meet the user's requirements: that's the goal we always aim at. We seek to achieve that  aim in a single system - a system that makes best use of scaffolding techniques.

Crab 32 can be deployed under the most difficult conditions – unlike many other systems. The system is able to bear heavy loads, thanks to a facility to fit a second diagonal per node. Given the rigidity and strength of its nodes, and thanks to its robust clamping, it does not require any horizontal cross-members in normal applications.

The big advantage of fitting Crab cross-members lies in the fact that cross-members grip the node flat and not outside it, as with most other systems.


Crab60  Supports scaffolding for heavy loads (up to 14 tonnes per post).

Easily modulable thanks to the CRAB interconnecting system, in which free-standing posts up to 50 cm high are fitted with braces. This facilitates the construction of multi-directional, complex structures. Furthermore, Crab 32 and Crab 60 are fully compatible.

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